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Frequently Asked Questions

ANSWER: YES! Please call us to find out about our special Science and Engineering Birthday programs!
ANSWER: The closing process is very important. If you are thinking of ending Coaching sessions preemptively, please speak with your child’s Coach and set an ending date. It’s important that your child and their Coach have sufficient time to say goodbye. Club Xcite also distributes an ending survey and closing summary of services that we would like to present to you shortly after the final session. It is strongly advised that you speak with Club Xcite’s Program Director if you are thinking of ending services earlier than the proposed schedule.
ANSWER: Executive Functioning Coaching is a minimum of two hours each session and focuses on the executive function skills of the student. Coaches support students with organizational skills, time management, creating new systems, working memory, impulse control, etc.  Examples of this may include labeling their study environment, assembling a homework supply kit, organizing backpacks and binders, creating a schedule on a white board, utilizing practice worksheets to strengthen skills, communicating with parents and teachers, building self esteem and confidence, and tackling obstacles one step at a time. Coaches will integrate the student’s current school work into sessions as well as preparing for […]
ANSWER: All miles that a Coach or Tutor drives while transporting your child are reimbursable to the Coach at the rate stated in your service agreement. You will notice these miles on your bi-monthly invoice.
ANSWER: Yes. We encourage our Coaches to speak with your child’s teachers, therapist, etc. There are times when a release of information will be required and we will contact you directly about that. The more your child’s Coach can work with other professionals, the more consistent their approach becomes and the stronger the outcome of the process. The fees attached to any in-person meetings are the same rate as your Coaching rate. If your child’s Coach contacts these professionals by phone or email, there is no fee. We always encourage Coaches to use time during sessions to send an email, especially […]
ANSWER: It depends if you chose our prepaid option or our hourly billing rates. If you chose to be billed hourly for services, you will receive a bi-monthly invoice via email for services rendered the 1st – 15th and 16th – end of the month. The credit card you listed in your contract will be charged 2-3 days later.
ANSWER: Please discuss your intention to take a break with your child’s Coach as well as our Program Manger, Ambar Collins. It’s perfectly natural to want to see your child try out his/her newfound skills and confidence on their own!
ANSWER: Please let your Coach or Tutor know your plans for vacation, travel, etc. You can also inform our Program Manager, Ambar Collins, of any shifts in your schedule. Her email address is [email protected]
ANSWER: We are located at 10855 Sorrento Valley Rd. Suite 207, San Diego, CA 92121
ANSWER: Yes. Our Coaches understand that communication with the parents is key to a successful experience. We share the information that parent’s provide on their intake form with our Coaches to ensure a great match. Please feel free to communicate your child’s evolving needs with their Coach. However, we do encourage parent’s to also ask questions and learn about how they could benefit from the strategies and interventions that the Coach has found successful!
ANSWER: Yes! Staff members that are required to drive will undergo FBI/DOJ background clearance as well as a DMV clearance. You will also sign a transportation waiver that will allow our staff to pick up, drop off, and commute with your child for community outings. You can decide if this is an option that fits your needs as you complete our Service Agreement.
ANSWER: Due to the success we have achieved since 2011 we get asked this question on a daily basis. As Xcite is a highly focused service offering placements which directly places Coaches with specific families based upon their interests and needs, we get to know our staff very well! Our ability of working with you is directly related to your specific skills, education, hobbies and experience while also passing an extensive background test. Our Coaches attend a  group training, one on one trainings, and have ongoing Supervision and consultations with our Program Director. If you have a genuine interest in positively […]
ANSWER: ABSOLUTELY!  Before any member of our team comes into contact with your family they must pass an extensive FBI/DOJ background clearance.
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